The Two Headed Boy


Does this make me crazy? Possibly

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Title: About To Die Artist: Dirty Projectors 0 plays

the best, i love this album it is so great, the voices and the phrasing of each instrument is just perfect. Its haunting, in so many ways. 

Its the fucking best. 

About to Die- Dirty Projectors 

Super Are- Boredoms

This song is beautiful and pulsing and fluid and amazing. 

Let it grow on you. 

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observationalconsequentialism asked: lol my mom is funding a nyc trip tomorrow we are doing boring adult things

where? and when? 

Bottlecaps (Taken with Instagram at American Folk Art Museum)

Bottlecaps (Taken with Instagram at American Folk Art Museum)

Title: Today's Supernatural Artist: Animal Collective 319 plays

Today’s Supernatural - Animal Collective


people of the internet unite

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Title: Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) Artist: Frank Ocean 261 plays

super rich kids- frank ocean

Too many bottles of that wine we cant pronounce,

too many bowls of that green, no lucky charms. 

Another thing about my life can be explained in the simplest of ways

"If you grew up with white boys, who only look at black and puerto rican porno, cuz they want something that their dad don’t got, then you know where ur at."

This is the horror. But the privilege.

"Mortaring your earholes shut in a rush with wet coke, in the starbucks bathroom with the door closed, on booze im lost in residue and confused, like the first time you used soft water,"

How i deal with this Fact. Its fact

Im out of luck, caught unaware like Houdini when the last fist struck                              If im sinking and laughing at something sunken in i am, 

My future is fucked, im unprepared, and not ready for anything. Slowly sinking. 

The one Line That i keep going back to

And all i want is one favorite song,

And two or three minutes dosent seem too long, and where is my girl i want to hold her tight, 

shes so far away from crowded nights, 

im going,


im going. 

Title: Peach, Plum, Pear (Joanna Newsom) Artist: Blithe Field 20 plays

Blithe Field- Peach, Plum, Pear.  (Joanna Newsom). 

This track was haunting to begin with, now i love it even more. 

Repression and burial of self  (Taken with Instagram)

Repression and burial of self (Taken with Instagram)

He was Edmond Dantès, and he was my father, and my mother, my brother, my friend. He was you, and me. He was all of us.

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Title: Honeycomb Artist: Animal Collective 0 plays

Animal Collective- Honeycomb

New track by AC. Im obsessed and in love. <3 it. 

Song of The Week.